I shouldn’t really be writing my blog now, I ought to be doing homework for college. So this will have to be short and sweet. Have got to come up with an idea for a book or album or film cover that is handmade! Gah – could do anything! Literally anything, I could use play doh to make letters, I could do a pop-up card, I could sculpt something, I could do some paper art, one past student used double sided tape on a brick wall and made them into letters which she then stuck grass clippings to, and one used different flavoured tea bags and dipped them in water and then stuck them to paper so the different coloured tea stained the page…!?! – my mind has gone blank… so any suggestions gratefully received. I was thinking whether it was possible to sew something which I could then photograph and use somehow… but I’m not sure how…

Anyway – so while I procrastinate, I thought I would share with you one of my non-bag related Christmas makes. I made this little free machine embroidered family portrait for my sister-in-law and her family. 2015-12-02_161339456_758EB_iOS

I started out with my applique pieces and some bondaweb, and then I free machined over them. It puckered a little bit which is annoying as I did use tear and stitch on the back, but maybe I ought to have hooped it up or used a double layer of tear and stitch.

It was really fun to do, trying to make the people look a bit like them, and add in little detail’s like Joe’s beloved Norwich football team shirt – but my favourite bit is their cute little kittens Hunter and Hudson, they turned out really well.


I think it really helps make a piece like this look that bit extra special if the family happen to have a pet or two!

I might have to work on my free machine lettering a little bit…

I wish I could make a living sewing portraits all day long… it was such fun. Sadly I don’t think it would pay the bills… so back to my college work I go…

Until next time my friends…


7 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. How about a book cover for that penguin book we’re going to write/illustrate one day 😀 Could do a 3-D playdoh thing? Not that I’m at all creative in that sense… but been having a few flashes of inspiration for the book 🙂


    • yes I would love to do something with penguins, but sadly it has to be for a book or film or album that already exists – not sure we can make that happen for Feb 22nd!! 😉


    • Thanks Ali – I’m not sure if they gonna frame it, not been to visit yet since giving it to them… still can’t decide what book or film or album to do… am panicking a bit now as have to pitch a couple of ideas on tuesday!

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  2. This is adorable! Reminds me of an American telly programme, “All in the Family.” And since you had fun creating it, why not make another, and you pick the title that most appeals to you… could be a book, a song an album… Is my understanding of your challenge correct?
    PS/I love your lettering as it fits with the overall design concept. If they weren’t slightly wonky, I think they’d look out of place… but that’s just one opinion! 😉


    • Awe thanks Del – I like that you think the lettering fits in with the overall design – wonky being good! That is lucky! I’m not sure this would work for an existing book or album or film would it? I am feeling creatively blocked this weekend, I either find an idea I’d like to sew but can’t relate it back to a book or film or album or I find a book or film or album I like but can’t think what to sew for it or make for it…. argh!

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