The Good the Bag and the Ugly – AiBM – part 2


I’m trying to remember what order I made these bags in now, but they have sort of blurred a little in my mind. One thing I do know is that this foxy messenger bag was one of the early ones, as I surprised, no maybe completely shocked my best friend by giving it to her for Christmas when I saw her in October. Yes… I know… but having made it I couldn’t wait until December… 🙂

My friend got a kind of cryptic email in early October with photos of my fabric stash and asking her which fabric she liked best. She chose Mr Foxy and so this bag was born.

Being an early one I took quite a few photos of the process:


First step is to make the pockets, turn in the edges and zig zag stitch so they don’t fray, and add a piece of elastic to the other pocket top


Then sew your pockets to one side of the bag lining


Now for the lining for the zipper pocket, bit more of a leap of faith this one! Draw and sew a rectangle in the middle of your pocket lining.


Deep breaths and cut a big hole in the middle…


Turn the pocket through the hole you just make and voila! (big sigh of relief!) Now add your zip…


Then add the rest of your pocket lining… noticing too late that this is going to make a really small and not very useful pocket!


Ta da… it looks pretty inside though!


Right now gussets! Loving my new bag making clips!


Lining done!


Do the same process (minus the pockets) for the exterior – I added a bit of homemade Mr Foxy piping just to be flash…


Don’t forget to add your handle loops – breaking several needles in the process as the fabric layers are getting quite numerous now! Note to self: use denim or similar strong needles for this in future!


Make up the flap and sew onto the exterior


Ok now the tricky bit, put the exterior right side out into the lining (wrong side out) and clip


Then sew together – good luck on not breaking any more needles!


Leave a little gap for turning… yes that’s right the whole entire bag needs to come out of this tiny little hole!


No really – it will…


Almost out…


Ping – ta da… see!


Add the professional looking twist locks. Yes you need a screwdriver… proper hardware here you know…


Phew… looks pretty straight?


And here is the finished piece

Looks pretty nice inside - lots of useful pockets

Looks pretty nice inside – lots of useful pockets


Beautifully modelled…

I forgot to mention making the strap and how I made the piping but in a nutshell that was sort of how I made the Mr Foxy bag, my first attempt at something a little bit complicated! And it seemed to work – Hooray!

I also made this Owly tote bag for another friend around the same sort of time, but I forgot to take many photos:


I learnt quite a lot from making this bag… most notably about use of interlining. The stuff I used for this bag was way too stiff and crinkly. Plus the flat bottom of the bag is a bit wider than I intended. I carefully measured it to the exact size I wanted and then forgot that the finished bottom would be double this width.  Ooops.

And finally for this episode folks… I don’t really have an ‘ugly’ for you, but I do have my speed makes, that I made in a super hurry about 3 days before Christmas with some left over fabric that I bought to make some goodies for my children. (more of that in a future post…) I had some very lovely panda fabric left over from making my daughter a kindle cover – which I ordered from New York as she loves love loves pandas. And not wanting to waste it, I made her this little messenger bag.



And for my son, I bought this monster fabric on a whim while in Sew Contemporary in my local town looking for zips… he requested a bag of his own having seen all the others I have been making. So I made him this messenger, the same pattern as the Panda one – with a pocket on the back too.  He loved it, bless him and as soon as he opened it on Christmas day – he used it to put all his other presents in until it was bulging!



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