Time to let the cat out of the bag…Adventures in Bag Making (AiBM) – Part 1

Hello everyone, and welcome to the post I have been looking forward to writing for months now but have had to keep under wraps for top secret Christmas related reasons! Sssshhhh!

It’s funny how life throws curve balls at you when you are least expecting it (like being made redundant – boo) and then it also throws you the odd unexpected fish too. Like when you are trawling through Amazon looking for piping cord for some very boring curtain tiebacks you have been putting off making for ages, and then wham… there it is. In this case – good ole Amazon suggests saying ‘Ah you are looking for piping cord are you? Well maybe (quite randomly) you would also like to read this book by Lisa Lam all about making your own handbags? Well, I thought, 350 4/5 star reviewers can’t be wrong can they? And so I popped it in my basket (as is so frighteningly easy to do on Amazon).

But lo… little did I realise that what started out as a chance encounter with Amazon suggests, could actually turn into a little bit of an obsession, or may I say a passion?

I have been bitten by the bag making bug. What could be more rewarding than stitching together a few bits of fabric to make something as gorgeous and useful as a handbag. And thanks to the lovely Lisa Lamb and her wonderful shop U-handbag, you can get all the spangly bits of hardware for them too and make them look really quite professional. I say ‘quite’ as of course with anything new, there are gonna be some oopsie-dasies and some ‘oh b*gger’ moments right?

My first attempt at bag making went pretty well, albeit a little let down by my choice of fabric – which really doesn’t go with each other, and some very bad topstitching!


First to cut out the pieces and iron on some fusible fleece


Hey looks pretty much like it does in the photo in the book!


So the button needs to go around here, so strengthen this bit with interlining


Bottoms up!


One part done…


Two parts done… right now we just need to put one inside the other, sew together, turn inside out and hey presto eh?


Two bottoms!


It’s reversable so you can either have this side out…


Or this side out


I bought one of these thingymajigs especially to make the flower button


Ta da! One flower button…


Really not happy with the fabric choice though… grump grump…

I was going to give this to a friend for Christmas but in the end I couldn’t give it away with a happy heart as I knew I could do better. So this became ‘prototype learning bag’ and my daughter very happily took it off my hands to be her very own handbag so waste not want not hey?

In the next gripping instalment we will see how my second attempt went…


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