New Year, Christmas Cards & Graphic Design

Hello and Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you all had lovely Christmasses and are ready to take 2016 by storm?

And what a year it is promising to be. I have finally made a decision about what I might want to do to earn my keep – which as those of you who have been reading ‘How Hard Can it Be?’ for a while will know I have been mulling over for quite some months!

I’m off to Shillington College next week, to begin a 3 month career conversion course in Graphic Design.  Big whoops and big gulps – very very excited and very very scared!


This makes me smile as I do the very same thing! T-shirt designed by the very fabulous Logo Geek for #designerconfessions

Let’s hope it leads me on to adventures new and by spring I will hold in my hands a killer portfolio that will land me my dream (flexible – still want to spend some time with those lovely two people I made!) job in Graphic Design.

My absolutely dream would be to go from here into Surface Design! I have just discovered that there is a real live job designing fabric and wallpaper and gorgeous patterns which I could then use to create beautiful unique bags and homewares! Oh the joy…

I discovered this website which tells you all about it: … but let’s not get ahead of ourselves… first I need to learn the ropes and add IIustrator and InDesign to my lonely Adobe PhotoShop skill set and see where it takes me. Packaging design? Logo design? Perhaps even my old friend Web Design… let’s see how hard it can be… I fear the actual getting into the industry part may be very hard indeed, and as for learning the whole design process plus two brand new computer programmes in 12 weeks… well…. it makes my head spin a little bit, but let’s see.

So I may be a little quiet on the blog front for the next few months. But before I immerse myself into the world of graphics, I will try and upload a couple of posts about my Christmas makes… I have been VERY busy making handbags (my new love!) for my friends and family for Christmas and also a rather natty Kindle Cover and Oven Mitts!

Now… this blog post is very sadly bereft of photos so far, so let’s brighten things up a little bit with some photos of some of the Christmas Cards I made for the School Christmas Bazaar.

As I said in my last post, I forgot to take any pics before I sent them off to the school but as a few of them didn’t sell and came back to me, I took a few pics for you to see.

2015-12-12_132915968_A5BA4_iOS 2015-12-12_132852651_686B1_iOS 2015-12-12_132847778_78994_iOS 2015-12-12_132807422_09624_iOS 2015-12-12_132735786_F7167_iOS 2015-12-12_132731471_54465_iOS 2015-12-12_132726221_28D78_iOS 2015-12-12_132713387_FC9C2_iOS 2015-12-12_132708191_FB545_iOS

Until next time my fellow life adventurers!


7 thoughts on “New Year, Christmas Cards & Graphic Design

  1. I’m thrilled for you Anne. From what you’ve shown us of the things you can do this course is a perfect choice – and I really hope working from home eventually works out for you.
    I’d have loved to see pictures of your handbags, but at least we’ve got to see some of your cards – thank you. Love the robins, and button baubles … and reindeer in a snowscape.
    Best wishes for all your plans for 2016
    Baci Sally xx


  2. Good luck!! It all sounds very exciting and I’m sure it’ll all work out! I’d never heard of surface design until my niece started doing it at college last year, she’s doing something at Leeds art college but I’m not 100% sure what!
    I forgot to get in touch with you about the other left over goodies from the school fayre. Have you got 4 packs of the magnetic pegs left – any design, they’re all lovely!? Don’t forget to let me know what postage is too, I don’t want you to be out of pocket 😀


    • Thank you – yes it is all change here this year – bit scary! Am going to miss having so much time to sew though! That’s so cool that your niece is doing surface design – maybe she can send you some of the fabrics she designs for your lovely makes. I hope she is enjoying it?

      I’ve just been to have a look in my little box of christmas fayre goodies and guess what? I have just 4 packets of those magnet clips left – they are yours if you would like them? Do you still have my email address from the other post? Send me your address and I can pop them in the post to you. Hopefully the postage won’t be too much as they are quite light, will let you know. 🙂

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  3. Well done Anne on your Christmas cards I love the ones with the buttons and the Penguin ones and know that you will enjoy doing your Graphic Design course and am sure you will be a huge success at the end of it. Sammy 🙂


    • Thank you Sammy – I do hope so! I think Will is looking forward to me earning my keep again that’s for sure! 😉 I’m glad you liked the cards, they were such good fun to make. 🙂


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