It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

DSC_6196It’s been a busy few weeks for me, hence the slowdown in blog posting recently. I have been busy making and not having time to tell you all about it.

I was asked very nicely if I could make some goodies for the school christmas craft stall at the school bazaar back at the start of November.

And seeing as I have some time on my hands at the moment and am always on the lookout for excuses to use my sewing machine or go to craft shops I was delighted to help.

I took my lovely daughter with me to Hobbycraft one fine morning while the boys were at rugby to get a few bits… which actually turned into a trip to the Range AND Hobbycraft and we bought a little more than anticipated….oops! I went in saying to Eloise in a very sensible voice: now let’s have a budget, say £50 and let’s not spend any more than that! (I had to hide the Hobbycraft receipt from my husband but Eloise kinda gave the game away telling him how funny it was at the till because the receipt was the longest one she had ever seen and it just kept on and on coming out and the cashier had to keep folding it over… gah! I protest that this was because we bought a lot of very small cheap things – like every 50p square of felt we bought comes out separately…but it does all mount up!!!)

But let’s not worry about that now – it was very fun stocking up on craft supplies and even more fun getting home and getting stuck in.

So what did we make I hear you say?

Well…. get your inspiration books out and your pencils at the ready… here’s what we made:

We made pencil toppers (of course I had to get penguins into the equation somewhere, Eloise said they look like the penguins of Madagascar):






We made tree decorations:

DSC_6179 DSC_6189

We made fridge magnet clips with ribbon and buttons and decoupage (check out the lovely packaging!):
DSC_6167DSC_6156 DSC_6158DSC_6160

We made free machine embroidered hoops:

DSC_6184 DSC_6186 DSC_6187

We made more tree decorations:

DSC_6209 DSC_6194 DSC_6195 DSC_6203










We made tree decoration DIY sew it yourself packs:

DSC_6141 DSC_6144 DSC_6148 DSC_6151







We made…


Can you tell what it is yet?

…Stocking fillers.


We also made some fridge magnets with glass flat bottomed marbles, magnets and some festive pictures cut from magazines. And a whole heap of christmas cards, which I forgot to photograph, which was a shame because I think that on the day I got most comments about our lovely Christmas cards. And I say ‘our’ not ‘my’ because my little helper elf Eloise really was a huge huge help to me in making all of this.

We spent many happy hours sewing and sticking and cutting and stamping and colouring together.

I especially enjoyed making the packaging with some nice brown stiff paper and some stampers! It’s amazing how much nicer you can make something look if you just pop it in a cello bag and staple a label to the top.

Now of course I am hankering after a die cutting machine so I can make things look even more professional! Might have a bit of a wait for that one – at least until I have paid off this Hobbycraft debt!

How Hard Can it Be rating: Easy but time consuming

Fun rating: Brilliant!