Holiday Fun

Summer holidays are here at last, hip hip hooray… but this does of course, seriously cut into the time I have available to do some sewing… or does it…?

How about a teddy bear workshop for the children? Yay…

Panda and Teddy in production

In production…

I was very impressed with my little proteges power of concentration and skill. Louis decided he wanted a traditional teddy bear and Eloise, of course,  a Panda, her favourite animal.

Well actually, originally Eloise was making a teddy bear for Louis, but then she liked it so much she decided to keep it, so then she made another one for Louis and Louis made Eloise her Panda. They are quite sweet like that.

We cut out some felt pieces and pinned them on and did some impressive blanket sticthes (I let them do some running stitches too when they got fed up of blanketing!)

Children Sewing

Eloise and Louis hard at work…

Their favourite part was the stuffing!

The end result has been very impressive and cute, and has already been well cuddled in bed.

Panda and Teddy

Panda and Teddy finito

In retrospect am wondering if felt maybe not the most resistant material to stand up to repeated cuddling! I chose it because it does not fray but goodness me does it pill and disintegrate when over cuddled! Who knew? You live and learn…

cuddled teddy

Over-cuddled teddy







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