So… you think you are strong because you survived the soft cushions…

my ribbon cushion

I might start giving out a prize to the first person to follow the strange workings of my mind and identify where the titles of my blog posts are coming from… I wanted to tell you about the new cushions I made last weekend, and started thinking about cushions and titles and of course… Monty Python’s Spanish Inquisition sketch popped into my head… is that normal?

Ok – so onto the soft cushions… I booked my daughter and I onto a cushion making class with the lovely Rebecca Woollard last week, I’ve always been a tiny bit afraid of making cushion covers because of the numerous ways you can insert a zip or a button closing or a flap closing or whatever else there is… am sure the list goes on… and I have only ever inserted a zip one way into a child’s dress – following very strictly the pattern instructions.

cushions back of cushion with hidden zip closing
We arrived at 10am on a chilly Sunday morning, sewing machines in hand, ready to go, and by 5pm (or rather 6pm as we were having too much fun to stop – and Rebecca let us finish off what we were doing past the end of the class – bless her) we had both created some beautiful cushions. I learnt to do a simple square cushion with end zip closing and split layered fabric, and I learned how to insert a zip 3/4 way down the back, with flappy bit. And I learned to make a flange (I love that word…) around the edge, and a piped corded cushion (making my own bias binding and edging…(not photographed yet as I am still just finishing it off) and I learnt a very nice way to decorate your cushion using simple pieces of ribbon.

ribbon cushion with flange and split cushion with edge closing zip

My daughter Eloise, made this fantastic panda cushion – and then had a great time decorating a square cushion using all the different stitches on Rebecca’s machine – plus length’s of ribbon. She has now come to realise that my ‘fantastic’ Janome machine that she has always been jealous of (she has a small plastic but fully functioning £35 John Lewis one….) is actually pretty basic and is now hankering after an all singing, all dancing, super duper lots of stitches model… I pointed out that the difference in price between this one and my one is around £500-£600 – which is a LOT of pocket money to be saved up…

Panda Cushion

Although I know where she is coming from… I have a bad case of machine envy now too… not that I don’t love my faithful Janome of course!

I am so proud of our efforts and the professional finish to our lovely cushions. I just hope I can remember now how to do it for the next time I want to make a cushion or change a cover… I need a cushion making project quick before I forget…

How hard can it be to make lovely professional looking cushions? Actually not too bad… well quite easy when you have a brilliant expert telling you what to do… when I try one on my own I will let you know how hard it really is!

Until next time…


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